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Crown City by the Sea

Most recent novel by Jennifer M. Franks:

Was awarded Author of the Month (March ’19) by the San Diego Central Library for Crown City by the Sea

World Traveler

Jennifer M. Franks is an author, mother, Navy wife, adventure traveler, animal lover, concert enthusiast, avid reader and Flamenco guitar player. She writes in genres that include travel memoir, fiction and historical fiction. She grew up abroad and home schooled herself in the jungles of Indonesia, Nigeria, India and Venezuela, Malaysia and Thailand. She currently lives in Coronado, California with her family and dreams of writing a story in every major genre. Her novels include: Crown City by the Sea, The Lotus Blossom, Wild Card Willie and the Pony Express, He Shall be Peace, and a short story The Healing of the Paralytic.

Review of “Crown City by the Sea”

Amazon reviewer: “This is a fun read. When I purchased the book at a gift shop on Coronado Island I hoped it would fill me in on the history of that beautiful Island. I wanted to know more about the fabulous legendary Hotel Del Coronado. Ms. Franks did a wonderful job crafting the story around the lives of those involved in the building of the one hundred and thirty-year-old Edwardian Hotel. The hotel’s magic was reflected in this charming romance. Old and young alike will enjoy wrapping themselves up in a blanket, sipping their coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and living alongside this captivating story.

Jerome R. Strayve, Jr.

Hotel Del in Coronado

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