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Crown City by the Sea:

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Set during the waning years of the Victorian era, 1885-1900, this historical novel tells the compelling tale of the creation and early years of the Hotel del Coronado. As entrepreneurs Elisha Babcock and Hampton Story quickly discover, it takes more than a dream to turn the barren island of Coronado, California into a world-renowned, destination resort. The story is told through the eyes of young Ava Hennessey, whose family runs the island’s stables. Ava’s adventures, along with historical characters (John D. Spreckels, Jesse Shepard, Kate Morgan, L. Frank Baum) are intertwined with the trials and triumphs of the audacious founders.

The Healing of the Paralytic: A Gospel Story

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An inspirational, Biblical short story about the healing of the paralyzed man lowered through the roof in Capernaum, where he is healed by Jesus. The story includes the miracle at the wedding in Cana, where Jesus turns water into wine. Follow Asher, a stonecutter, and Benyamin, a mosaic maker, on their powerful journey of faith. The Biblical healing of the paralytic is found in the following Gospels: Luke (5:17-26), Mark (2:1-12) and
Matthew (9: 1-8). This story is Biblical fiction based on these Gospels. All of the characters in this story, apart from Jesus, Mary, the Pharisees, and the unknown paralytic man, are fictional characters. Cover art: Mosaic of The Healing of the Paralytic, circa 500, Basilica of Saint Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy. Courtesy of Nick Thompson Photography.

La Sanación del Paralítico

Una Historia Evangélica. Ficción Bíblica. Una historia sobre el hombre paralítico que se baja por el techo por sus amigos para ser sanado por Jesús. Siga dos hombres, Asher y Benyamin, en su camino de fe.
Cubrir foto de: Nick Thompson. “La Sanación del Paralítico” circa 500, en La Basílica de Santa Apolliare Nuovo, Ravena, Italia.

Wild Card Willie

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Amazon 5 star review : “This book teaches real history to kids through characters that are hilarious and true to the time period! I highly recommend this book for children ages 8 through 16. Great read, as a former teacher, I wish I had a book like this to bring American history to life for young readers!”

He Shall Be Peace

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HE SHALL BE PEACE brings the Gospels of Luke and Matthew to life as never before. Experience the nativity of Jesus, His presentation in the Temple, His childhood in Egypt, and His return, where as a boy He questions the brightest scholars in the Temple. Follow the life of young John the Baptist as he prepares the way for the Lord, longing for the day when their paths would cross. The story of the young Jesus is presented in a manner that fuels the age-old question: What was the childhood of Jesus like?

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